Professor Kay Mohanna’s Australian Collaboration

Griffith University, in Queensland, Australia, recently welcomed Kay Mohanna, Professor of Values based Healthcare Education at the University of Worcester.

Professor Mohanna visited the Griffith Institute for Educational Research on 24 February 2020 to begin consolidating plans for a collaborative, inter-disciplinary project with Dr Jeanne Allen, Associate Professor of Teacher Education, and a team of Griffith researchers. Kay and Jeanne also met with Dr Leonie Rowan, acting Director of the Griffiths Institute and Associate Professor of Education, to discuss the project, which will be framed within the politics of belonging and investigate the development of a sense of belonging and professional identity among the increasingly mobile student population in higher education.

Dr Allen is a co-editor of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, which publishes research that advances knowledge in teacher education across early childhood, primary, secondary, vocational education and training, and higher education. Her work with Kay builds on their previous research on students’ expectations and experiences in internationalised and globalised higher education (Kay is on the editorial board for Education for Primary Care, which aims to support the implementation of best-evidence medical education relevant to primary care). Their previous work includes a 2013 article in Educational Theory and Practice.

Through this link with the Griffith Institute for Educational Research, Professor Mohanna is working with is one of the largest concentrations of university-based education researchers in Australia. It comprises a vibrant community of scholars whose applied research with industry partners, education systems, schools, community and not-for-profit organisations is done with the aim of translating it into practice. The Institute has identified key research foci that include, but are not limited to, leadership, living with autism, and professional and practice-based learning. It identifies Research Programs based on evidence of current, successful research, led by five esteemed senior researchers who are also mindful of new intellectual projects that can drive their endeavours to the next level of productivity and reputation.

Initially this collaboration will carry out a scoping review of the literature. This will look at the implications of the globalized movement of people, ideas and capital including how international students navigate multiple types of borders in ways that can exacerbate their experiences of marginalization and development of belongingness.

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